Environment Policy


Sharp Ferro Alloys Ltd maintains a productive work environment by assigning high importance to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in every sphere of its activity.


The safety and health of employees, partners, service providers and the public, the well being of stakeholders and the minimization of impact on the natural environment are the priorities at SFAL.

The main objective of SFAL’s HSE program is to allow teams to attain a healthy and safe work place with emphasis on ‘zero accident’ and ‘zero environmental hazard’. The beliefs are translated into reality through:


SFAL meets on a regular basis all Environment compliances as per the Ministry of Environment, Government of India, for running of its Plants

  1. Regularly monitoring of stocks is being done by West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) approved laboratory and the results show that the value of all relevant Air Pollutants are well within the limit laid down by WBPCB.
  2. All in-plant control measures for the abatement of fugitive pollution from different sources are taken care of to meet the WBPCB norms. Dust suppression system like water sprinkling is provided at all the dust emitting sources.
  3. Total ground water requirement is kept below 64m3/day. All measures are taken to maintain the use of water by means of recycling of water.
  4. The unit has adopted zero effluent discharge system and no wastewater is being discharged outside the premises.
  5. Metal recovery is being practiced in this unit as recommended by MoEF.
  6. The green Belt is developed in almost 33% of the total area under this unit.
  7. Proper steps towards housekeeping and occupational health programs are being taken up as per the factory Act.