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About Us

The Organization of Metal

Having started its journey from the year 1997, Sharp Ferro Alloys Ltd. has become a protege in the manufacturing of High Carbon Ferro Alloys. Nestled in the blooming belts of Durgapur, West Bengal, it's plant nourishes from the infra-structural facilities of the city - i.e. profusion of power , excellent connectivity with rail and road as well as sea, Durgapur is also blessed with abundance of trained manpower and proximity to basic raw materials sources.

Being a ISO 9001:2008 certified entity, the organization strives towards attaining and ensuring unmatched quality. This commitment towards uncompromising quality and standards, the organization is reaping an ever-growing reputation in the international market. They are also a member of Registered Star Export Trading House and prospering with its emergence as a prodigious exporter of Ferro Alloys from India. Fostering a holistic growth, Sharp Ferro Alloys Ltd. aims to establish itself as a multi-dimensional company.

To deliver impeccable standards of quality in production through optimum use of the resources available and without causing harm to the Mother Nature.
To be one of the leading entities in our field of expertise through constant innovation and research. To polish the maximum out of our metal so that we can bring great value to the stake-holders and immense satisfaction to our customers.
Sharp Ferro Alloys are bounded by some core values which augment the chores of the organization.

The Legacy of Perfection

The Management represents a team of highly qualified and experienced executives, who in turn are supported by dedicated and committed supervisors and workers. The organization functions with values rooted to earth and sky high ambitions which in turn accentuate perfection in the daily working chores.

Naresh Rawat
Rakesh Rawat
Tushar Rawat
Managing Director

The company is headed by the Rawat family of Delhi who are renowned for their rich business experience and high reputation in the market.

Mr. Naresh Rawat is the CEO of the organization. shines with 30 years of sterling experience. His magnificent vision enables him to identify the specification of ferro alloys by just observing the colour. He is very good in analyzing the market and in depicting the demand in future and setting goals for the company.

Mr. Rakesh Rawat is the President of the organization and is the man behind the meteoric rise of the company. With a management degree under his belt, he uses all his expertise and knowledge as the edge for the company. His effervescent dynamism and effective management skills are the traits which have become assets to the organization. A protégé in his field, he heads over the production and purchase division of the company.

Mr. Tushar Rawat is the MD of the company. He enthuses fresh vibes into the soul of the organization. He is an integral part of the management team. He uses his knowledge to enhance the Export and Import operations. He also heads over the daily chores of the account division.